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Environment Setup

To program and modify DeepDeck, you need to install VSCode, install the esp32 plugin, and download the repository.

Program install

Clone Repository

Copy or clone the main branch of the repository. This branch contains the latest versions. For different versions, check the different tags, or use the develop branch.

Program DeepDeck

  1. Open VSCode
  2. Open the repository folder
    Open Folder
  3. Build the project
    Build project
    Build Successfully
    When the build is successful, you should see this image
  4. Connect the port
    Connect the port


If the port is not connected, you should see this image:
<figure markdown>
    ![Port not found]({ width="500" }
    If this happens and you have the DeepDeck connected, try connecting the USB C port the other way around. (Yes, USB C should not have a direction, we are working to solve this :clown_face:

When it is working, it should look like this:

Port detected
Then select the project
Select Project
1. Build, Flash, and monitor. Run the 🔥 icon at the bottom, and you should see this:

Ready to Go

You can now modify the code and make it your own 😃