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Quick Start Guide

Congratulations! You now have a DeepDeck! Now what?

In this guide, we will show you how to:

  1. Connect your DeepDeck to you PC/Laptop/smartphone using Bluetooth and do a basic test
  2. Update the firmware of your DeepDeck so you can have the latest version with firmware
  3. Explore the DeepDeck Webserver to program and customize it!

Connect DeepDeck via Bluetooth

  1. Connect DeepDeck to the USB-C cable. it will turn on and show the message "waiting for connection"

    Connect DeepDeck

  2. On your device, go to Bluetooth settings and select Ahuyama. Now the message on the screen of your DeepDeck should disappear and show the layers.

    Search DeepDeck Bluetooth connection

  3. Move the left knob and see how it lowers and rises the volume of your device!

    DeepDeck basic test

Now we will go through the process of updating the firmware, and exploring the WebServer tool to program your own layers!