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Firmware update

We are constantly releasing new features into DeepDeck and the idea is to have the latest firmware! We created a software to make things easier to program and also to stay updated.

DeepDeck Installert

Short Version (TL;DR)

  1. Download the DeepDeck installer for your specific OS.
  2. Connect your DeepDeck to the computer.
  3. Open the DeepDeck installer.
  4. Connect DeepDeck to your computer usign the USB-C cable.
  5. Press the "Look for updates" button on the DeepDeck installer.
  6. The latest release of firmware will be selected ✨automagically✨.
  7. Press "Erase and Program".
  8. Admire the art made by Dall-e while the program makes its work it can take a while.
  9. When a pop-up window appears saying that everything is ok, you are ready to go.

Complete version

The first step is to download the latest release of the DeepDeck installer software.

USB Drivers

If you are a Windows user, most likely you have to install the USB drivers.

To verify, open the Device Manager program on your system, and look for the COM ports. It should look like this:

DeepDeck on Device Manager

If the DeepDeck is connected and nothing appears, there should be a device label as unknown. Connect and disconnect your DeepDeck with the Device Manager program open to see how your system detects it. If it does not look like the image above, follow these steps:

Download CP210x Universal Windows Driver.

CP210x USB drivers

To install the drivers:

  1. Uncompress the drivers.
  2. Right click on the unknown device on the Device Manager, and select "install/update driver".
  3. On the window that will pop up, select Browse my computer for drivers.
  4. In the next window, select Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.
  5. In the next windows select Have a disk and browse the location where the drivers were uncompressed, and select silabser.inf.
  6. A list of drivers will refresh. Select Silicon labs CP210x USB to UART bridge.
  7. Click next to install the driver. Check again the device manager, and if t does not appear try restarting the PC.

Linux and Mac users:

The files generated have no extension. They are executable files, but to do so, you have to give the file permission to run. Right click on the file and in the permissions, give check the option to allow it to run as a program. Here is an example made in Ubuntu 22.04:

DeepDeck basic test

Programming for the first time

Follow the steps in this video to do the first programming.

DeepDeck installer usage

Check firmware update

To make sure the firmware is updated, open the onboard menu on the DeepDeck. To do this: - Press and hold both knobs at the same time - The menu should appear on the screen - The title should tell you the version of the firmware and must be the same selected on the DeepDeck installer program.

DeepDeck version check

Troubleshooting and additional information

The DeepDeck connects and disconnects continuously from the PCs bluetooth

A known issue is that after flashing the deepdeck the bluetooth connection goes crazy and it connects and disconnects. This just happens on this situation, and to solve this you should unpair the deepdeck from the device, reboot the deepdeck, and boot again. We will see how to solve this bug, but as the workaround is easy and only happens after flashing it has low priority on the development.

For more information, go to the complete guide of the DeepDeck installer.