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We made it!!

We are very happy to announce that our project has been funded! (147% funded at the moment of this publication!) Thanks to all the backers that made this possible and Crowd Supply for supporting and hosting our project!

What Comes Next?

We are committed to make DeepDeck "a macropad like you've never seen before". To that end, we will be releasing new updates and videos about:

  • How to customize the look of your DeepDeck: a tutorial on how to do your own resin keycaps!
  • How to integrate API services like Notion!
  • Controlling other devices (beside your computer)!

We will also have some gifts for our backers, including multiple 3D enclosure designs and other goodies we'll be announcing in the coming weeks!

How You Can Help Us

  • Explore our content and join our discord server
  • Toss any idea you might have in our direction so we can integrate it into the design
  • If you love this project, share it with your friends and on social media! We really appreciate the support!

And thank you again for making DeepDeck a reality!