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Latest news on DeepDeck

Shipment in progress

Hi DeepDeck community!

We are glad to announce that you will have the DeepDeck soon in your hands! (and if you haven't bought yours yet, Crowd Supply will have a small stock, so get yours before they run out!!)

Almost ready to go!

Hi DeepDeck supporters!

We are very excited to announce that we are almost ready to ship! We had a couple of delays on components acquisition, but we've already received everything. We are now in the assembly and testing phase. We want you to have the DeepDeck in your hands! But, we don't want to rush the testing process, so we'll make sure everything is going to work as it should! We will be shipping the packages to Crowd Supply in about two weeks, and then they will deliver to all the supporters from their warehouse!

Landyard, Pong, and fun!

As an additional perk to thank you all for helping us reach 250% of our campaign goal, we designed a USB Type-C lanyard so you can take your DeepDeck anywhere you want, and even use it as a badge for future events!

Getting ready for production!

This past week we went over 200% of our campaign goal! Thank you to everyone for your support. We are very excited and have been working hard on taking into account all of your suggestions and comments on our Discord channel. So we're also making development plans for extra features you will have when you receive your DeepDeck.

As part of this update, we wanted to share some of the process of building DeepDeck. This week, we received our third iteration of DeepDeck:

We made it!!

We are very happy to announce that our project has been funded! (147% funded at the moment of this publication!) Thanks to all the backers that made this possible and Crowd Supply for supporting and hosting our project!