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Getting ready for production!

This past week we went over 200% of our campaign goal! Thank you to everyone for your support. We are very excited and have been working hard on taking into account all of your suggestions and comments on our Discord channel. So we're also making development plans for extra features you will have when you receive your DeepDeck.

As part of this update, we wanted to share some of the process of building DeepDeck. This week, we received our third iteration of DeepDeck:



This version addressed the following issues:

  • Added some pull-up resistors for the rotary encoders.
  • Solved the USB-C mystery! In the previous version, the USB-C (serial) connection for programming only worked with one side of the connector up. If your PC did not detect the DeepDeck, you had to reverse the USB-C cable. Very weird right? But now solved!

3D Printed Enclosures

As promised, we are going to release files for 3D enclosures you can print yourself. We are still experimenting with shapes and sizes, but we'll have a complete version soon.


We'll be sharing more info with you soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions, join us on our Discord channel!