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Launch Announcement

{deepdeck-2-highres | link}

We are very excited that we can finally announce our project! DeepDeck is more than just an open-hardware macropad with LEDs, rotary encoders, and a screen. We see it as the multitool of input devices. And, while it comes with a lot of built-in functionality, we are working hard to integrate even more. We invite you to join the DeepDeck community and help us think of new features that never would have occurred to us!

This campaign includes four different versions of DeepDeck, including three different kits:


A fully assembled version of the Deluxe Kit, ready to roll.

{deepdeck-rgb | fixed,link}

The Deluxe Kit

Comes with everything you need to assemble your Deep Deck quickly and easily. Includes an OLED screen, transparent keycaps, white Gateron switches, and a gesture sensor.

{deepdeck-deluxe-version | fixed,link}

The Keyboarder Kit

For mechanical-keyboard enthusiasts who already have the switches and keycaps they want to use with DeepDeck. This kit also includes an OLED screen.

{deepdeck-keyboarder-version | fixed,link}

The Maker Kit

Includes the basics. Add an OLED screen, switches, and keys to make it fully functional. Then customize your DeepDeck with a 3D-printed or laser-cut enclosure.

{deepdeck-maker-version-2 | fixed,link}

Visit our campaign page to learn more and to support our campaign!