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Latest news on DeepDeck

Good News, more it's about to come

We are happy to announce that we are incrementing our development team to have many more features in the DeepDeck, as well as more information and more documentation.

We will be releasing new information soon!

05 Almost ready to go


Hi DeepDeck supporters!

We are very excited to announce that we are almost ready to ship! We had a couple of delays on components acquisition, but we've already received everything. We are now in the assembly and testing phase. We want you to have the DeepDeck in your hands! But, we don't want to rush the testing process, so we'll make sure everything is going to work as it should! We will be shipping the packages to Crowd Supply in about two weeks, and then they will deliver to all the supporters from their warehouse!


Switches and other fixes!


Another update is that we integrated a switch into the design. Although DeepDeck does not come with a battery, it does have a connector to connect [this kind of battery] ( The switch will help save the battery, and we plan to integrate further options for battery savings! There was also an issue with the USB C connector. USB-C to USB-C cables did not work (but are now fixed) and we had a weird case of one-sided USB-C (only when you put the cable in one position, the PC detected it for programming). Everything is now solved and you can use it with any cable in any position, as it should be.

Team behind DeepDeck


DeepDeck was born as an internal project for our company, DeepSea developments. And the idea still stands. With this production, we will give all of our teammates a DeepDeck so they can use it in the everyday job (Developers, admin, sales, marketing) This will ensure that we will be making new layouts, new updates for different use cases, and we will also hear from the community and integrate all the cool things you do with the DeepDeck! :D

04 Lanyard and fun


As an additional perk to thank you all for helping us reach 250% of our campaign goal, we designed a USB Type-C lanyard so you can take your DeepDeck anywhere you want, and even use it as a badge for future events!


Play Pong on DeepDeck!

youtube: 52st622aWBg

You can create pretty much anything you want with DeepDeck. The video above shows a game of pong, complete with scores. It's still proof of concept, so there's plenty of room for improvement, but it's enough —that you can so you can have fun with friends! but your imagination is the limit!

Use it with visual studio code!

vimeo: 758849228

Hi everyone!

In this first week, we want to thank our backers, your support means a lot for us! If you haven't backed us yet, feel free to ask any questions you might have to convince you having a DeepDeck is a must.

One of our backers send us a question that made us integrate a new feature into the project. She asked us if we could integrate the name of the keys on the OLED, so we did!

{deepdeck-oled-view | link,small}

We also wanted to show the process of integrating a new layer into DeepDeck. We are going to make it with Visual Studio Code.

1. Explore

First of all, it's good to explore which shortcuts are available first.

{deepdeck-shortcut-screen | link}

After inspecting the list of shortcuts, I found some very interesting and useful commands.

{deepdeck-vscode-shortcuts | link}

2. Filter

Ok, so you can't have all the shortcuts in one layer (you could have several layers, but that might not be convenient). You have to decide what is best, where (a key, a knob, what key?). You can do it directly with DeepDeck's web app, but some people like to write on paper first. That's why we made a simple layout (pdf) so you can try and write things down if you desire.

{deepdeck-key-layout | link,small}

3. Test & Iterate

Once you have programmed your keys and shortcuts, try them out to see if you feel comfortable or if you are missing something. If needed, you can go back and program them again in the web app.

4. Results

Well, now you can play with, work with, and see if the layout is good for you, or adapt it as you please. I would have to say that the code surfing is my favorite shortcut, and the one that will save me the most time!

(FYI, the video above is also available on YouTube.)

02 we made it

We are very happy to announce that our project has been funded! (147% funded at the moment of this publication!) Thanks to all the backers that made this possible and Crowd Supply for supporting and hosting our project!

What Comes Next?

We are committed to make DeepDeck "a macropad like you've never seen before". To that end, we will be releasing new updates and videos about:

  • How to customize the look of your DeepDeck: a tutorial on how to do your own resin keycaps!
  • How to integrate API services like Notion!
  • Controlling other devices (beside your computer)!

We will also have some gifts for our backers, including multiple 3D enclosure designs and other goodies we'll be announcing in the coming weeks!

How You Can Help Us

  • Explore our content and join our discord server
  • Toss any idea you might have in our direction so we can integrate it into the design
  • If you love this project, share it with your friends and on social media! We really appreciate the support!

And thank you again for making DeepDeck a reality!

06 Shipment in progress


Hi DeepDeck community!

We are glad to announce that you will have the DeepDeck soon in your hands! (and if you haven't bought yours yet, Crowd Supply will have a small stock, so get yours before they run out!!)


As you might know from previous updates, we had several delays in terms of the shipment process, but happily, that is something in the past. We delivered 3 boxes full of DeepDecks on March 24 2023 from Cali, Colombia, where the DeepDecks are manufactured. They were delivered on March 31 to the Crowd Supply's distribution partner, Mouser. April 5 the import process was done, so now Crowd Supply is ready to send the DeepDecks to all of you!

Please check if your delivery info is correct, so there is no delay because of a typo in your address! You can confirm your order details within your Crowd Supply account:

What do I do when I receive my DeepDeck?

When you receive your DeepDeck, go to our pages to know everything about the project, and see the guides we are preparing for you!:

If you have any question, join our Discord server where you can talk with the DeepDeck team!

What comes next?

DeepDeck is a live project. You will receive the hardware and a basic firmware. Make sure to follow the instruction on the webpage to update the firmware. We are preparing a major release on the firmware version, and we are doing everything we can so you have it when you receive your DeepDeck! Share with us on Discord how you will be using the DeepDeck, and any ideas you have for the future. We will be gathering them to make a schedule on firmware releases!

And thank you again!

This is our first crowdfunding campaign, and we are very excited to see what all of you can do with DeepDeck! We will put forward our best effort to give you all the support, and keep improving the project over time. Thank you for believing in our project!

03 Getting ready for production

This past week we went over 200% of our campaign goal! Thank you to everyone for your support. We are very excited and have been working hard on taking into account all of your suggestions and comments on our Discord channel. So we're also making development plans for extra features you will have when you receive your DeepDeck.

As part of this update, we wanted to share some of the process of building DeepDeck. This week, we received our third iteration of DeepDeck:



This version addressed the following issues:

  • Added some pull-up resistors for the rotary encoders.
  • Solved the USB-C mystery! In the previous version, the USB-C (serial) connection for programming only worked with one side of the connector up. If your PC did not detect the DeepDeck, you had to reverse the USB-C cable. Very weird right? But now solved!

3D Printed Enclosures

As promised, we are going to release files for 3D enclosures you can print yourself. We are still experimenting with shapes and sizes, but we'll have a complete version soon.


We'll be sharing more info with you soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions, join us on our Discord channel!

Launch Announcement

{deepdeck-2-highres | link}

We are very excited that we can finally announce our project! DeepDeck is more than just an open-hardware macropad with LEDs, rotary encoders, and a screen. We see it as the multitool of input devices. And, while it comes with a lot of built-in functionality, we are working hard to integrate even more. We invite you to join the DeepDeck community and help us think of new features that never would have occurred to us!

This campaign includes four different versions of DeepDeck, including three different kits:


A fully assembled version of the Deluxe Kit, ready to roll.

{deepdeck-rgb | fixed,link}

The Deluxe Kit

Comes with everything you need to assemble your Deep Deck quickly and easily. Includes an OLED screen, transparent keycaps, white Gateron switches, and a gesture sensor.

{deepdeck-deluxe-version | fixed,link}

The Keyboarder Kit

For mechanical-keyboard enthusiasts who already have the switches and keycaps they want to use with DeepDeck. This kit also includes an OLED screen.

{deepdeck-keyboarder-version | fixed,link}

The Maker Kit

Includes the basics. Add an OLED screen, switches, and keys to make it fully functional. Then customize your DeepDeck with a 3D-printed or laser-cut enclosure.

{deepdeck-maker-version-2 | fixed,link}

Visit our campaign page to learn more and to support our campaign!